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So, you’ve decided to go for a Maui destination wedding but the problem is you’ve a strict budget, and like many other would-be couples you aren’t keen to compromise the quality of your wedding at any cost. In fact, nobody wants! To help you, here I have mentioned a few tips and I am sure by following them you can save big on your Maui wedding. So, let’s find out what are they:

Replace your resort wedding idea with a beach wedding:

To book a Maui resort venue you have to pay around $2000, and that’s quite a lot of money. In place of a resort wedding you can opt for a Maui beach wedding which saves you some serious money while offering all the beautiful things you have selected in Maui for: year around wonderful climate, the natural splendor, the charm and the relaxed yet romantic vibe; not to say the exceptional pictures of you, your partner and your wedding guests on the beach.

A Maui wedding package can be your best bet:

Now that you have decided to tie the knot in Maui, from where you should start? Should you start consulting Maui ministers, find out how to attain a marriage license, get in touch with Maui wedding photographers or strive to find a quality florist that serves big events like weddings?

I’d recommend not to consider any of those aforementioned things because booking a comprehensive Maui wedding package is a much better option than buying each service individually. While surfing the web, you can easily come across many service providers offering Maui wedding packages that suits people with any budget.


Keep in mind that, the three most crucial elements to any Maui Wedding package are: a capable wedding photographer, wedding minister and the best wedding florist. Choosing a service provider who offer all these things alongside other essential services will definitely be a big help. However, I’d suggest you to do your research thoroughly before opting with any particular Maui wedding package.

Decrease the lodging cost of your wedding:

Lodging is probably the main concern of expenditure for those looking to tie the knot in Maui. However, if you use your brain, accommodation expenses are actually the easiest to down.

Instead of investing $500 to $600 per night at any resort, you can consider renting a condo which can be as less as $200 to $300 per night. You can often find a condo which facilities are almost equal to a luxury resort at 2/3 to half the cost. Another extra savings a condominium can offer compared to an expensive resort is no everyday parking charge, which can add up to $30 per day. Furthermore, Condos often feature coolers, beach chairs and fun things such as boogie boards that you can make use of without any additional charges which can add up to extra savings as well.

If you’re all set prepared to start planning an economical, yet beautiful wedding day, give us a chance at Maui Weddings. We assure to give you the perfect Maui wedding package that doesn’t break your bank. For any help, you can always reach us at 808.664.6646!